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Lock in Panama




Lock in Panama: UFO

UFO is Serrature Meroni’s defender of doors for commercial vans and light trucks: the smart alternative to the old, outdated padlock!

UFO Lock in Panama is the defender that has revolutionized truck security by setting new standards. Prior to UFO, there were only hacks and other ineffective DIY workarounds to try and reinforce the truck’s existing locks, but these only succeed in making the vehicle look bad with rods, rusty padlocks, welding and other visible patchwork.

But UFO put an end, once and for all, to these ugly, pointless attempts at security enhancement. With its easy, fast installation, UFO was immediately recognized as the solution everyone had been looking for and is now being used by all who work in their vans and need to effectively protect their cargo and their vehicle, from the owner driver on up to the largest fleets..


Built to Last

UFO Lock in Panama is an excellent solution. Designed to integrate perfectly with the vehicle’s body, it features an elegant design that blends in well with the rest of the vehicle. Its casing contains steel spheres that make it drill-resistant as well as resistant to other break-ins and to the elements.

Rest Secure

UFO Lock in Panama is guaranteed to be secure both for its shape and the materials used in its construction. Its spherical casing attaches perfectly to the vehicle’s body and leaves no room to slide in anything that could be used to pry the doors open. Plus the cylinder is drill-resistant and pick-proof and is CNPP and TÜV certified.


  • Extremely secure, thanks to its drill-resistant, pick-proof cylinder lock;
    Simple and fast to install;
    Designed in every detail for use on van and truck doors;
    Elegant, unobtrusive, and highly practical in day-to-day use









A Single Key

Should you decide to install UFO Lock in Panama on both the side and back doors of the same vehicle, the key will be the same for both. Simple and convenient..