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Locks in Panama: UFO +

UFO+ is the latest addition to the family of locks for commercial vans and light trucks and is the most complete, most definitive locking solution.

UFO+ locks in Panama has inherited a number of key concepts form UFO classic – i.e. design and manufacturing quality, quality materials, its rounded shape, and its ease of installation – but has taken them to a whole new level to better meet the needs of security and convenience of those who use vans and trucks for work, such as the transport industry and anyone who deals with the delivery of cargo.


Built to last

UFO+ locks in Panama is a definitive solution. Designed to integrate perfectly with the vehicle’s body, it features an elegant design that blends in well with the rest of the vehicle. Encased in high-grade steel, the lock is ultra-resistant to both break-ins and the elements.

Rest Secure

UFO+ Locks in Panama is guaranteed to be secure both for its shape and the materials used in its construction. Its spherical steel casing attaches perfectly to the vehicle’s body and leaves no room to slide in anything that could be used to pry the doors open.
In addition, there is a drill-resistant steel defender that protects the cylinder.

  • Perfect for business
    Made of high-grade steel to be ultra-secure.
    Drill-resistant steel defender around the cylinder
    Easy to install on both back and side doors
    Remains attached to the door, not removable like a padlock
    Extremely practical: closes with a click, and cannot be left open by accident


Easy-lock latch

UFO+ stays attached to both back and side doors. In this way, the doors can’t be accidently left unlocked, as can happen when using a padlock. If the door is closed, it’s locked with UFO+. In this way, those who have to make dozens of quick stops every day (such as a courier service) don’t have to take off a padlock and put it back out countless times each day.

Of course, if you should accidently get closed in, Serrature Meroni has designed a truly simple safety system: a steel cable inside the door enables you to release the latch and open the door from the inside.


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A single Key

Should you decide to install UFO+ on both the side and back doors of the same vehicle, the key will be the same for both. Simple and convenient.