Luccotto Locks in Panama



 Luccotto Locks in Panama

Luccotto Locks in Panama: The anti-padlock

Luccotto Locks in Panama is extremely resistant thanks to its tempered-steel structure and its coated steel spheres, enabling it to fend off any tool used by thieves. The cylinder used in LUCCOTTO locks is also CNPP and TÜV certified, ensuring maximum security for the whole device.








Luccotto Locks in Panama is a perfect blend of function and unique, inimitable design. With its special AISI 304 stainless-steel rods and TÜV and CNPP-certified cylinder, keeping your cargo safe has never been easier.

Designed for both rear and sliding side doors, the new stainless-steel rods protect LUCCOTTO from all break-in tactics. There literally is no room for mischief! Based on the success of UFO, the special rods designed for LUCCOTTO are extremely easy to mount onto the vehicle.

Speed and ease of installation are essential for Serrature Meroni, so, just like for UFO and UFO+, installation of this lock, too, is totally simple and clean.

The Luccotto Locks in Panama system with the special new rods comes with another benefit that makes it perfect for trucks. By allowing for a 3cm vertical oscillation between the two doors, there is finally a security solution for all those vehicles that have gates that can move around much more than on your average van.