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With nearly seventy years of experience in the industry, Serrature Meroni is one of the most solid, time-tested Italian firms working in the field of mechanical and electronic locking systems.

A world leader in locks for furniture and recognized internationally for our products for doors, such as our famous PremiApri door knobs, Serrature Meroni is also a dynamic organization that enjoys exploring new frontiers. Taking advantage of our knowledge in the area of locking systems, we have managed to find original, successful solutions for various new applications, such as in the automotive segment.

One recent example of this came in 2009 with the creation of UFO, the defender of light trucks and vans, which, for the first time, can now be protected by a custom solution that provides the added security their cargo needs.

By offering a practical, effective and elegant alternative to old-fashioned padlocks or other ineffective, ugly hacks, UFO was immediately a big hit. It is being adopted by both individuals and fleet managers and has sparked something of a revolution, so it was only natural that UFO would be followed up by UFO+ which features a number of improvements, making it an add-on lock that provides ever greater security through automatic locking and which can be mounted quickly and permanently onto the vehicle’s body.

Along side the UFO line of products there is also LUCCOTTO, a simple product featuring steel rods that make it particularly suited to small trucks, the back doors of which can oscillate quite a bit when the truck is in motion. LUCCOTTO is able to accommodate this movement for up to several centimeters, making it an excellent solution for precisely these situations.