Founded in 1945, Serrature Meroni is one of the best known players, both in Italy and internationally, in the field of mechanical and electronic locks and locking systems for a wide variety of applications: home and office furnishings and doors, utility companies, vending machines, and other special applications.
UFO+ the high-security lock

Perfect for business, UFO+ is a high-security lock for commercial vans and trucks. It becomes one with the door, closes with a click, and can’t be left open by accident.

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UFO classic: the defender

An excellent replacement for traditional locks, it’s like a lock, but much better. Solid, practical, secure, elegant. A rational, effective choice.

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Lucotto: the anti-padlock

The most practical, least expensive of the Serrature Meroni locks designed to make commercial vans and light trucks more secure. Ideal for small to mid-sized trucks.

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Certified Cylinder

Certified “to the core”: the drill-resistant, pick-proof cylinders of UFO and Luccotto have obtained the prestigious CNPP and TÜV certifications.

Single Key

All of the locks mounted on the same vehicle can be opened with the same key. Because opening all doors with the same key can save a lot of time.

Easy to Install

Each lock can be installed in less than an hour! This saves both time and money, and installation does no damage to the body of the vehicle.



Ideal for those who work delivering packages


Safe and unassailable, is ultra resistant steel.


The cylinder is protected by an anti-drill steel shield.

Easy to Install

It is easily installed in both rear doors and side.


Remains attached to the door, not removable like a padlock.


It closes with a click, and cannot be left open by accident.

Single Key

The key will be provided only for both doors


Made of high-grade steel to be ultra-secure.